Joshua LaBaer
Biodesign Institute, University of Arizona
Ileana Cristea
Princeton University
Robert Moritz
Institute for Systems Biology
John Yates
The Scripps Research Institute

Welcome to the 17th World Congress of the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) in Orlando, Florida.  We are honored to serve as your hosts for the 2018 HUPO meeting that we hope will excite, enlighten, intrigue, stimulate, motivate and encourage you.
Since the beginning of HUPO, we have all witnessed the evolution of proteomics, certainly the most interesting (and arguably the most challenging) field of biological research, which takes as its mission the study and understanding of all proteins, the machines of life, and strives to lead these discoveries towards One-Health, the integrated notion of wellbeing (the interface of nutrition, environment and humans).  In the early years, our field focused primarily on developing the best technologies and chemistries to measure proteins. Its focus then evolved into a discipline establishing methods and standards that were robust and reproducible from laboratory to laboratory.  Now, proteomics is everywhere, developing into routine tools in mainstream biology, that cover biology’s depth and breadth, from agriculture to cancer and from specialty to high impact journals.

As we developed this program, we have sought to embrace two complementary notions.  First, we view this annual gathering as our opportunity to update one another about the latest and most advanced findings in our field.  To that end, we have identified 30 different sessions of the most exciting topics where proteomics is advancing our understanding.  These sessions include invited speakers representing the most proficient cutting-edge leaders in our discipline, as well as speakers working on provocative projects selected from the submitted abstracts.  The sessions cover a wide range of topics, including various diseases, technology advances, and novel scientific and analytical approaches.  Our goal to establish a program of outstanding speakers who make it difficult for you to choose which talk to attend is a success.  We are proud of the results and we hope you also leave with the same pride.

Second, we recognized that this was an opportune moment to begin to look beyond where proteomics is now, and think about where we should go in the future.  We therefore reached outside our community and brought in brilliant scientists, working at exciting interfaces of biology not typically associated with HUPO, and whom we feel will stimulate new associations with proteomics.  We want to hear about these new disciplines and begin the discussion about how proteomics could enhance them.

Of course, the most important part of this Congress is the interpersonal meetings in both formal and informal settings, to share the latest data, build new collaborations, discover new products and catch up with friends.  To enhance this element, we selected this venue to provide everything under one roof – housing, meetings, posters and vendor booths.  Please join us in the social activities, designed for having fun, including a visit to Universal Studios and a themed banquet.

Finally, it takes a village to plan such a meeting.  We are deeply indebted to the many people who helped us plan this event, recommend and encourage new exciting speakers, reviewing abstracts, contacting vendors, managing logistics, attending numerous meetings and writing countless emails.  We all thank them for their time and commitment. 

As your hosts, we wish you a magical and productive 17th Annual HUPO congress.